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penn jillette of 'penn & teller' fame

Penn Jillette Models Pho Keene Great Shirt, Promises to Visit!


The Pho Keene Great victory over the dastardly City of Keene gang continues to reverberate throughout the world. Now, the already popular Pho Keene Great t-shirt is being modeled by magician and comedian Penn Jillette on his Twitter account, where he’s followed by over 1,840,000 people.

In another tweet, Jillette also promises he’ll be stopping in to Pho Keene Great, presumably when he next visits his nearby hometown of Greenfield, MA.

Long-time readers of Free Keene will remember when years ago Jillette expressed his desire to move here to Keene and join “with the Free Staters”. Looks like he has continued to pay attention.

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Pho Keene Great: An exclusive, inside look

Click on Image to view WCAX video interview with Isabelle Jolie

KEENE, N.H. (WCAX) A new restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire, hopes to cash in on international attention because of its name. After a recent dust-up which went viral, the town and owners of a Vietnamese restaurant have come to an agreement.

Driving into Keene on a brilliant and unusually sunny February afternoon, you can feel the life in this college town of about 25,000.

And beneath a covered up storefront, there's a buzz and sparks of new life. Laughing through the chaos and construction is Isabelle Jolie, just weeks before her tentative March launch.

Humor is important to her. After all, her restaurant's name pretty much says it all. As long as you know that Vietnamese noodle soup -- spelled P-H-O -- is pronounced "Fuh."

"The product is pho, it's in Keene, and it's great food," Jolie said. "Just meet me at P.K.G. or Pho Keene Great."

From "Late Night with Seth Meyers" to hundreds of shares on Facebook, to periodic updates on your WCAX, the debate over the name and sign -- right next to Keene City Hall -- created a firestorm.

Keene, N.H. Food Truck Features Vietnamese Food, Accepts Bitcoin



A food truck that specializes in Vietnamese, French and vegetarian food in Keene, N.H. accepts bitcoin, according to Free Keene, a pro-decentralization and pro-bitcoin organization in New Hampshire, a very independence-minded state in the U.S. The food truck features a bitcoin sign and may be the first food truck in the U.S. to accept bitcoin.

Bon Vivant – Gourmet Street Food operated by entrepreneur Isabelle Rose offers Vietnamese, French and vegetarian fare.