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Vietnamese Ginger Drink

Recipe for homemade organic ginger ale:

Pending writeup.  Please bear with us while we write the recipe for organic ginger syrup to upload.

Benefits of Ginger

Vietnamese Ginger Drink

Most commercial ginger ale or beverages do not contain any ginger.   Ginger syrup is easy to make and it can be used with seltzer water or club soda and you can embellish it with lime or lemon, fruits, and candied ginger pieces (used to make the ginger syrup).  If you have mint, add a sprig in your ginger drink.  It makes for a refreshing, yummilicious and light beverage.  The ginger syrup can be enjoyed with a cocktail  (mojioto, my personal favorite). 

The benefits of ginger are tremendous!  The most common benefits are: it aids with digestion and calms the stomach, it prevents nausea and vomiting, and it is used in many foods like sushi as an antiseptic to battle bacterial food poisoning! 

Cheffe Isabelle Rose