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Our Chef and Staff

Phở Bò Viên. Pronounced: fa baugh ve-en.   This is pho with beef tendon meatballs.

 Enjoy the intimate experiece of our catering & personal chef services. With lifelong experience cooking Vietnamienne cuisine, Isabelle Rose, is excited to present her vision to you. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

Special Events and Catering


Goumet Street Food is available for private events: weddings, business lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

Seasonal and Local


We refuse to compromise on quality. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets when possible.  Non-GMO and organic ingredients are important to us and we strive to create a menu that meets our and your demand for healthy food options.

MIssion & Vision Statements

Our Mission

 Our mission is to continue what we began in 2014 at our local farmer’s market and from there in our mobile food cottage: to share our Vietnamese culinary heritage by offering authentic, real, and original French-Vietnamese cuisine to the Monadnock Region, an area lacking in diversity. Our passion is not to just offer great ethnic cuisine, but to conduct business in a manner that contributes to the wellness of  our planet and to those whom we serve. We embrace a world-centric view and apply that to how we prepare, offer and deliver our food. 

Our Core Values: 

  • We use only organic or Non-GMO cooking  oils;
  •  We do not use or purchase disposable plastics that does not decompose in a reasonable amount of time;
  • We use only non-toxic,compostable material like bamboo or sugar cane (decomposes in nine days) for ‘take out’ or ‘to go’  orders;
  • We will not use styrofoam or toxic material to store foods;
  • We do not add MSG in our foods;
  • We buy locally sourced ingredients when available: from the farms to our kitchen to your table, a winning and healthy proposition for all;
  • We strive to offer 100% non-GMO or organic menu items;
  • We use only cage-free & organic eggs;
  • Animal Cruelty Clause: We will not support and buy from any  sources that does not practice humane methods of slaughtering animals for any  reason, not just as food source.  

 Steamed Little Neck baby clams with oriental ginger/garlic dressing (all organic ingredients).  Yum

Steamed Little Neck baby clams with oriental ginger/garlic dressing (all organic ingredients). Yum

Our Vision

 To create a full service, community restaurant & café in the form of a non-profit organization and to secure a space that is in a convenient location and one that will allow us to fulfill our vision as defined here:

o Entertainment & Marketplace Venue: To support local artists, artisians, & musicians by offering them a venue to showcase their talent;

o To create an eatery and offer an inexpensive & subsidized rental spaces for other food vendors;

o To offer a quick service café or section by offering prepared & ready to eat, inexpensive meals -- within the concept of a full service restaurant;

o To offer a spacious section for an internet café with free wi-fi for patrons;

o To provide a family room or time, primarily, for children’s reading hour and activities;

o To sponsor free cooking classes for children and encourage and teach them lifelong healthy eating habits and routine;

o To offer a “Food Club Membership” that offers organic foods and groceries at wholesale prices and free adult cooking classes;

o To encourage garden clubs and offer land for the purpose of growing organic, edible gardens;

o To use donations for the purpose of building test kitchens for culinary entrepreneurs;

o To hosts neighborhood or community fundraisers and events;

o To contribute 10 percent of profits to employee benefits programs such as health insurance, rideshares, daycare & petcare.

Fresh Angel Hair Pasta with crab meat sauce & topped with chunks of fresh lobster meat. Western Food

Fresh Angel Hair Pasta with crab meat sauce & topped with chunks of fresh lobster meat. Western Food

my story by isabelle rose

How It All Began